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The  Gransdens Society

This website's purpose is to publicise and support the activities of The Gransdens Society, a local organisation for everyone interested in the past, present, and future of the Cambridgeshire villages of Great Gransden and Little Gransden.

The Society organises an annual programme of monthly meetings through the Winter and Spring months, plus occasional exhibitions and visits to places of local interest. Meetings are normally held on the third Tuesday of each month in The Reading Room, Great Gransden, starting at 8:00pm. 

The Society also organises special projects of local interest, an example of this being the republishing of the book "History of Great Gransden". This was originally written in the late 19th century by the Reverend A J Edmonds, the then vicar of Great Gransden. 

The World War 1 Centenary project is now well under way, helped by the generous donation from Don and Doris Airey to support the research required. See the Current Projects page for further details.

The Society also maintains an impressive archive of documents, photographs, and other memorabilia concerning the two villages. This is known as "The Doreen Blott Memorial Archive" in honour of the lady who started it.

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The Gransdens Society has been active in the villages for over 50 years. Not a history society but a group interested in all things about The Gransdens  past, present and future. We have speakers on a huge variety of subjects at our meetings in the Reading Room and have had some interesting visits around the area over the years. Many of our committee have served for many years, some for almost all 50 years. Needless to say that means the committee is mostly ‘over 70’. We really do need some younger blood on the committee as several members, including our treasurer and secretary would like to retire. The committee work is not particularly arduous, just commitment and booking speakers. Please contact us if you would be interested in helping to safeguard the future of the society for years to come. Email Val Davison at

Note - the 2023/2024 Programme is currently being prepared. The next meeting of the new season will be  at 8:00pm on Tuesday 21st November 2023 at the Reading Room, Great Gransden. The presentation is titled "Cambrideg Sport: In Fenner's Hands" and will be presented by Nigel Fenner.

Windmill update and photos of new sails being lifted now included on Windmill Sails page.

The 2022/23 Programme begins on Tuesday 18th October at 8:00pm on the Reading Room, Great Gransden. See the 2022/2023 Programme page for details of the upcoming monthly meetings.

This version of our website is a complete rebuild based on the old website. Google support of the old website design software terminated on September 1st 2021, necessitating a move to a site built with their latest Google Sites software package. Please let us know if you discover any problems using the site.

*** STOP PRESS *** - The 405 Squadron Association have awarded John and Val Davison Lifetime Honorary Membership of the Association for their work in maintaining the links between the Squadron and The Gransdens.

Recent visit by RCAF officers to Great Gransden church. See News page for details.

30th Anniversary of the 405 Squadron Memorial Window Dedication - see News page for details of an event to mark the occasion.

Visit by Canadians with 405 Squadron connections to the Gransdens - see the News page for details.

2018/2019 Programme updated - see the 2018/2019 Programme page for details.

A donation of three framed 405 Squadron photographs has been received. See the News page for details.

A kind donation has been received. See News page for details.

405 Squadron have sent us photos of some of the stained glass they've had made for their Squadron Headquarters. See the 405 Squadron page to view them.

Good news received about Gransden windmill. See Windmill Project page for more details.

Great Gransden Reading Room, Home of The Gransdens Society

Great Gransden Windmill in 1884.

The mill is currently undergoing an extensive  programme of restoration.